Corporate Travel Management

Reed & Mackay is a corporate travel management company for high performance professionals with specialist and exacting requirements. We believe that exceptional service is delivered through attention to the smallest of details and with the support of our own unique technology we ensure that nothing is left to chance and savings are consistently delivered.

Travel management services for the energy sector

Our in house technology, iQ, is revolutionising travel management for the energy sector. Benefit from 150% more fare searches and an emergency travel team familiar with the risks faced by your sector.


Full event management for 10 to 10,000 delegates

A leading, international agency experienced in delivering memorable and effective events. Our clients trust us to understand their industry, challenges and objectives in order to create and deliver events that embody their values and connect with their audience, every time.


Premium personal travel management service

To complement our business travel service, Reed & Mackay has partnered with one of the UK's leading luxury Tour Operators, Scott Dunn, to offer a bespoke luxury holiday service directly to our clients.


business travel to the mint economies

News and Blog

Finding the Balance in Open Booking

Most buyers are over their fear of open booking. It’s not the wasteful free-for-all that cynics initially portrayed it to be. Simply put, travellers have the freedom to choose their point of sale, as long as the technology and processes are in place behind the scenes to capture necessary data. That said, not many have bought into the concept on a practical level.

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